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    Let's talk innovation,
    future-proof business models
    and competitive advantage.

    Let's talk impact.
    Sustainable Solutions.
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    This is about business creating
    value: value for society
    and value for the company.
    Simultaneously. Business with impact.
    Sustainable Solutions.
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    It's not only about
    the right thing to do.
    It's the smart thing to do.
    Sustainable Solutions.

Creating Shared Value.

The Shared Value framework defines a new role for business in society that goes beyond traditional models of corporate social responsibility. Rather than focus on mitigating harm in the company’s existing operations, shared value strategies engage the scale and innovation of companies to advance social progress.

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Sustainability as a Service

Our objective is to make sustainability practical, inspiring and transparent. That's why we developed a new way of supporting companies on their journey: Sustainability as a Service. We created full-service, turn-key packages based on years of experience in the field. They are adapted to where you stand as a company with sustainability or CSR and what your ambition level is. We cover sustainability reports, strategy, materiality analysis, data analysis, performance management or impact measurements.


We guarantee the result and a fixed price.


This is what we refer to as SaaS: Sustainability as a Service.

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Onimpact Academy

Onimpact provides you with online or in-company trainingprogrammes on sustainability.


We also provide coaching on the job. As long as your people get the tools they need to move forward on this topic.

Our trainings are rooted in thourough knowledge of sustainability and always focus on the practical application. We speak from our own experience and tackle many cases to bring the subject to life.

We are also frequently asked to organise inspirational sessions for management or speak at congresses and events.

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Who we are.


We are Onimpact, a new mission-driven, women-led company. We offer solutions to businesses and investors that support them in integrating sustainable value creation in strategy, execution and communication.

We believe in business with impact: positive impact on people, the planet and profit. How do we tap into the power of business to solve pressing social issues? How can we make real, large scale, lasting impact? By looking at social issues as business oportunities and adressing them accordingly. With a business model.
It is our mission to support businesses on their journey towards shared value creation and by that unleash a new wave of innovation and growth. We do this with experts in their field. Passionate professionals with hands-on business experience, who share our vision and are committed to help our clients make it happen.

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